Saturday, January 14, 2017

2017 : Healthy & Beautiful Lifestyle!


Lamanya tak update! bukak blog, dah 2017 =p

Today cuma nak wish Happy New year kat you guys for 2017!
even though kejap kejap hari lagi nak  masuk February but still in 2017 kan :p May all your Doa's dimakbulkan Allah k!

Najah still Najah, no changes but only Doa from you guys will change me to be a better wife, daughter, student,friend, workers etc.  So far, still two. Me and husband know Allah still give us 'Nyawa' on earth till now because He wanna give us THE BEST of life kan. So many things to share and  unfortunately just keep it as our secret..sure. (Suami say, No so No ). 

Ehmms actually my life full of brightnesses & alhamdulillah.

Ada pasang surut dalam hidup. You guys pon sama kan. 

As a wife, kena patuh. tikam lidah of course tapi untuk mematangkan. INGAT TU. 
( pasal makan : lambat sampai pon gaduh haha).

As anak and menantu, i still have a rainbow in my life! gifted .Alhamdulillah.

As a worker, 2017 banyak tanggungjawab & banyak kena fikir. (simple thing tolak tepi)

As a student , InsyaAllah will give the best to my family and company! (JIHAD)

As a friend to all my friends pulak, waktu lapang aje dapat contact  (you lupa i, i terlupa u terus :p)

Married life changed you k ; more love story is coming Alhamdulillah!

Thank you guys for always be my supportive. 

kalau you all kat blog ni nak tanya apa apa much appreciate email me : / Instagram (DM) : @NAJAHTUL

(sorry email blog lain so tak alert)

keep my words, you are welcome ! bye.


pastel shawl from @byannajapar 

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