Thursday, December 11, 2014

Which University that you prefer for me?


It was super amazing life for me since I won't update anything about my life routine here. kan? Kesah pulak semua orang haha. If  I can turn back my life to 20th y/o, being full time student at the University like others and like me before BESTNYAAAAAAAAAA lah!

Deep inside my heart, I want to further my study, I mean for my Master but I still get confusing to choose which one better. Nak pilih Shah Alam, jauh sangat but mencari ilmu dan berjihad tak kira jauh atau dekat. Can you suggest me which one better? My diploma & degree was done at UiTM. Sayangnya. Kan best buat Master kat semua tempat haha. Semua dapat rasa & adil but I Can't do that kan.  Actually nak pilih yang dekat dekat around Bangi or around that area because i was thinking to take PJJ. My current job fully mon-fri. Mana satu? Bila fikir nak stop kerja and fulltime coursework cannot do it too. Allahuakbar.

My aimed, 27th y/o, I dah ada apa yang i nak walaupun it was a bit late actually sebab sekarang dah bekerjaya ekekeke. .  Can u help me to choose which on better and the best for me (university) ?

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