Saturday, September 27, 2014

Lovely day with lovely people you become more positive =)


Selamat Pagi! ;)

When you opened it, your blog win the title of horror session like a jungle #tetiba. My dear readers, I miss you too.  Hope you guys are fine and having some fun with all of your family members, friends and your love one like I did. Yaa, more happiness in life.

I just want to take this an opportunity to thanks All of you my dear readers and followers that never stop stalking me here and Instagram and asked me when I want to update my blog. huu, terharu :') Actually, I am not a  blogger who rajin to update anything on my blog because I am just a lil permaisuri who are really love rest and peaceful at home and also love all luxury items on bed. LOL #nakkenalempang =p !

For me, blog is a good  place for who are sharing an informations that can be use for others.  I pun kadang kadang memerlukan blog orang lain untuk cari rujukan .  I love it much when everybody share a positiveness here and there. I feel, the blogger love me and all readers because of their words. very very good  , kind and positive. 

p/s: I will do my own business, hoping that you will like it , support me & plus size out there. coming soon!

Sorry cannot fulfil some people want, but you must know that i love you so much :')

take care peeps!
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