Monday, January 10, 2011

i miss all of you TOO! tq

Datin will always do remembering you, syg !
thanks for all ur support at me. .
ya, ceria sangat !
anyway, datin busy lately. .
if ada yang seronok utk datin kongsi bersama. .
i will update about it, dear !
nice nice nice and thanks fr ur kind words !
baru baru ni datin involve in one event
sista modelling . .
gile top punya event !
tahniah kak aiza natasha and all of you yg hadir !

ni nor damia. .
my bestbuddy at gombak dulu :)
rindu ! now she is muslimah model ;)

thanks to my follower sbb sudi follow. .
im nobody, if anything that u wanna ask, just formspring me ya !
do take care . mwah!

-datin !
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